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All our hops and hop products are composed entirely of hops bred by traditional breeding methods and have been developed entirely from The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited’s conventional plant breeding programme. They have NOT been produced from genetically engineered plants and are NOT transgenic derivatives.


Organic hop farming is a positive management system, not just a case of halting the use of sprays and fertilisers. Organic status is a hard regime for those who want to be sure that chemicals are not used in hop production, but organic is currently the only acceptable and legally recognised standard of chemical-free produce and products. 

In New Zealand certification of organic hop production is provided by the New Zealand Biological Producers and Consumers Council, whose trade name is Bio-Gro New Zealand Ltd. Look out for the Bio-Grow New Zealand logo on our hop variety cards. New Zealand Hops offers 7 varieties grown under the organic regime.

Certificates are made available to customers upon request.



New Zealand Hops is proud to be certified Kosher and Parve for the following products;

  • Hop Pellets

  • Whole Cone Hops

  • Co2 Hop Extract