Does NZHL sell other hop products?

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Yes New Zealand Hops sells a number of extracted hop products including Supercritical CO2 hop extract made from our New Zealand varieties by Pharmalink Extracts Ltd.
CO2 hop extract is a golden to tan, thick honey-like paste with all the natural hop variety specific brewing characteristics. As a pure resin, the alpha acids concentration is variety specific, typically between 25% and 60%.CO2 Hop Extract Typically contains between 3% to 12% hop oils, depending on variety.






Available in drums, pails or cans for the varieties Super Alpha, Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Southern Cross, and others upon request. New Zealand C02 Hop Extract can be packed according to a set amount of alpha acid by weight in partially-filled containers (for example 300 gram alpha in a can. At 50% alpha concentration in the extract can will contain 600 grams of extract.)

Please contact our sales team for more info.



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