NZHL Green Hop Program

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New Zealand Hops Ltd offers a limited seasonal range of Green hops for Domestic Brewers only. 

Please note that the timing and availability of green hops is largely determined by the peak harvest and maturity date for multiple hop varieties which can vary each year.

This makes the supply of green hops uniquely challenging as factors such as weather, location and picking windows can affect when a variety can be picked, packed and shipped. 

Please contact if you wish to participate in this seasons Green Hop Program.







“Fresh, green hops! We love ‘em. The one-off chance every year to see and smell those delicious green flowers is something we all look forward to at Three Boys. The pressure of that precious commodity and the one-shot chance of extracting their full potential. For us, it is first chance we really get to see what the season of hops has in store.”

Ralph Bungard, Three Boys Brewery



This year we are going to brew a batch of 100% Bretted NZ IPA which will have aged in fresh Chardonnay barrels for a few months. The barrels will be dry-hopped a few weeks before Hopstock with a hefty wad of the green stuff. The slight oxidisation caused by the green hops will be counteracted by the action of the Brett bugs. Can't hardly wait!

Karl Hayes, Te Aro Brewing