Keith has supervised the brewing of 10's of millions of hL.'s of beers worldwide, including work with several major brewers and the brewing of many well known brands (some under license). This includes working with a number of top brews from England, Germany, the U.S.A., Australia, Ireland, Holland, South-East Asia, Italy, Canada and New Zealand.
Keith and his family are New Zealand citizens who were born in Canada. Having worked across Canada, including stints as far afield as the High Arctic Islands, and after some early forays into bartending and restaurant management as well as oil rigs and surveying, Keith joined the brewing industry in 1979.
Many of the beers that Keith has worked with (and/or personally developed) have been entered into brewing competitions across the globe. He is no stranger to success at such brewing awards, with trophies received in England, Belgium, the U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand. These include: Grande Golds with Palm Leaves in Belgium, World Beer Cup medals in the U.S.A., "Champion Brewery in Austral-Asia" trophies in Australia, several Best in Class honours in New Zealand, both Top Ale and Top Lager "in the World" awards from England - and he's done some judging, even including the National Home Brewing competition in New Zealand.
Keith fully enjoys his brewing and innumerable consumers out there are enjoying his brews today.

Micro Stout

Ale Micro Stout   Canada        
Alcohol / volume Colour EBC Bitterness Other   OG    

Honey Brown Ale

Ale Honey Brown Ale   Canada      
Alcohol / volume Colour EBC Bitterness Other   OG  
5.6% 45 18 Honey Primed