Technical Data

HPLC & Oil Composition (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0C)

Alpha Acids6.1%
Beta Acids2.8-3.3%
Cohumulone25-32% of Alpha Acids
Total Oil0.9 ml oil per 100gm cone weight
Concentration0 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Citrus-Piney Fraction2.7%
Floral Estery Fraction3%
H/C Ratio3.4

Grower Comments

Maturity Early-Mid Season
Yield Low-Medium
Growth Habit Vigorous, columnar frame
Cone Structure Medium, compact cones
Disease Resistance New Zealand is hop disease free
Storage Stability Good (New Zealand Grown)
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New Zealand grown UK aroma cultivar with mild fruit “herbal/woody” characters (6.0-6.4 %AA)


Fuggle Hops were a cornerstone for English brewing during the late 1800's and early 1900's. In 1861, Richard Fuggle selected this variety as a seedling and later introduced it into commerce in the county of Kent in 1875 under his own name. Fuggle is arguably the most famous traditional English aroma variety and it is now grown in the UK, US, NZ and parts of Europe.


Fuggle is a low to moderate yielding aroma variety that matures early to mid-season. Fuggle has been grown under New Zealand's disease free conditions since 1995. It thrives well and does not suffer from diseases such as Verticillium Wilt which it is susceptible to in Europe.


Fuggle is the classic English aroma hop and is often used in conjunction with Goldings. It can be used as a main copper hop to impart a mild, soft grassy/woody floral aroma and is also used for dry hopping. 

'a chance seedling'


As one would expect, this hop is most often used in British style beers such as bitters, mild, British pale ale, stout, porter, and English style IPA's.

Similar Hops : UK Fuggle, NZ Willamette, NZ Styrian Golding.