NZ Pacific Jade

varietal: HORT1524

Technical Data

HPLC & Oil Composition (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0C)

Alpha Acids12-14%
Beta Acids7.0-8.0%
Cohumulone24% of Alpha Acids
Total Oil1.4 ml oil per 100gm cone weight
Concentration92 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Citrus-Piney Fraction6.5%
Floral Estery Fraction2.4%
H/C Ratio3.6

Grower Comments

Maturity Mid to late season
Yield Moderate
Growth Habit Vigorous spring growth
Cone Structure Long and dense
Disease Resistance New Zealand is hop disease free
Storage Stability Good


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A soft bittering / dual purpose hop with fresh citrus and complex spice characters (12-14%AA)


NZ Pacific Jade™ Brand HORT1524 is a triploid alpha type developed by the cross of the NZ variety "First Choice" (a relative of the Late Cluster) and an “Old Line” Saazer Male. Released from the New Zealand Hop Research Programme by HortReasearch Centre Riwaka in 2004.


Selected on its average alpha of 12-14% with Cohumulone in the region of 24% and an excellent oils profile. The aroma of this hop is described as “bold” as it delivers a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper.


Suited for use as a bittering hop with some excellent results also being seen in dual purpose applications, with a soft bitterness attributable to the low cohumulone. The citrus aroma and flavour notes work well to temper malt sweetness in “fullish” Ales especially as a finishing hop.

"Great versatility in the Brewhouse"


Typically to replace less interesting Alpha varieties where a softer bitterness and higher oil profile is desired. NZ Pacific Jade™ exemplifies current market direction and what is being achieved  in the New Zealand Hops breeding programme.